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Pet Services


Bath & Tidy/Short coats

Brush out, ear clean, nail clip, sanitary trim, paw/pad trim, refreshing bath & fluff dry.

The De-Shed/Double Coats

Everything included in the bath & tidy package plus a thorough raking of the dogs undercoat. Specialized de-shedding shampoo and moisturizing conditioner is used in the bath. The bath is followed by a powerful blow-drying session and a thorough but gentle brush out.

The Puppy Groom

Gentle bath, soft dry, ear clean, face trim, sanitary trim, paw/pad trim. This package is an introduction to the grooming process. It’s meant to be gentle and stress-free. Your new furry friend will be bathed using only tearless shampoo and conditioner.

Full Shave Down*

Includes everything in the bath and tidy package plus a full shave.

* Requires completion of a waiver


Nail trim & clips

Nail grind & smooth

What our customers are saying

So much care is given to my dog during her appointment. Our little dog is always full of smiles after her visits!

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